USTA Tournament and Club Update

January 20, 2019 (6:15 am)

A quick update as of 6:15 am today. 

USTA Tournament – The USTA tournament is still running as scheduled today (Sunday). Players should check the draws for any player withdrawals. I will update as quickly as I can. Please use good judgement in deciding on traveling or not. Please be safe!

Club Programs – All clinics for Sunday are cancelled. We plan to have the club open, but will not be running our regular junior clinics.

Snow Storm Harper

USTA Inclement Weather Rule:

I. Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather forecasts, tournaments do not get cancelled, nor do they get rescheduled. In the event of actual inclement weather; each Tournament Director has the sole authority to exercise their discretion to continue their tournament based upon the ability of the facility being open to do so, and each player (parent), has the sole authority to exercise their own discretion as to whether or not it is safe for them to travel to their match. Any matches that are played and any player(s) that are on site and advance due to a withdrawal will be awarded points-per-round reached.