Junior Programs

The Longfellow Clubs have been teaching sectional and nationally ranked juniors for almost five decades! Laury Hammel, the owner and member of the New England Tennis Hall of Fame, now brings the Longfellow technique and philosophy to New Hampshire.

We have brought in Nick Wagner to run our Junior program as the Junior Tennis Director and to run the New Hampshire branch of the New England Tennis Academy.

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Program Description

  Red Ball (ages 4-8)

Young players start learning with a red tennis ball the is slower and larger than the yellow tennis ball. They play on smaller courts with a lower net and develop their technique and learn simple tactics.

  Orange Ball (ages 8-10)

Orange balls are smaller than red balls and bounce about 50% of the height of a yellow ball. Play is on a mid-sized (60′ x 21′) court with a standard net. Players continue to focus on the basics while improving new skills and building confidence.

  Green Ball (ages 10-12)

Junior players move to a full-sized court. The green ball is lighter and bounces 75% of a yellow ball which continues to allow players to build on the basics and learn more advanced tactics.

  High School (ages 13-18)

Junior players will work on technique, tactics while continuing to move their game to the next level.

The New England Tennis Academy (NETA) is a high performance tennis training experience designed for the committed junior player. In addition to professional tennis training players will improve their athletic development and stamina through on court fitness training.

Director approval is required for all NETA clinics. Please call Nick to schedule an evaluation.

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