Junior Programs

Join Us During the Holiday Break!

We will be holding a Holiday Camp for Juniors from Monday, December 26th through Friday December 30th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm daily!

This is a great opportunity to get on the court and improve your game over the holidays!

Sign up by the day for $60/day or sign up for the whole week and save! The price for the week is $225!

Camp is open to all Orange, Green and Yellow ball players!

Please call the front desk to sign up in advance!  (603) 883-0153.

Advanced Registration is Required!

Third Session of Junior Clinics Begins on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023!

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Program Descriptions

Red Ball Program

Our Red Ball Program is designed for our youngest players from ages 5-8 years old. Red Ball players will use 19″-23″ racquets, red tennis balls (low compression – 25% of a yellow ball), 36′ courts, and a lower net. Using this equipment we will have your child rallying and playing points much sooner than traditional methods.

Red Ball 1 is for players 5-7 years  old that are just starting out with tennis. Our goal is to give these players a great foundation while fostering a love for the game! Red Ball 1 will cover the basic fundamentals of tennis while working on coordination, racquet skills, balance and agility.

Red Ball 2 is for players that are 6-8 years old with some experience. These players will build on their foundation from the Red Ball 1 program and continue to work on the fundamentals of tennis while also learning to rally, score and play points.

Orange Ball Program

The Orange Ball Program is designed for players from ages 8-10 years old. Orange Ball players will play on the 60′ court, use orange tennis balls (low compression – 50% of a yellow ball), and use 23″-25″ racquets. Players will learn the fundamentals of stroke production, rules and scoring, basic strategy, and sportsmanship.

Green Ball Program

This program is for players from the age of 10-12 years old. Players can use racquets from 25″ to full-size (27″) racquets. They play on a full court with low compression (75% of a yellow ball) green-dot balls. With the low compression balls and proper-sized racquets we get kids rallying and playing quickly!

Yellow Ball Program

The Yellow Ball Program is design for players from ages 12-18 years old. We have a Middle School and High School program and work with players to improve the skills needed to make and play on their High School teams.






New England Tennis Academy (NETA)

The New England Tennis Academy is an invite only program developed for tournament players ages 10-18. Players are expected to be participating in USTA tournaments and working with a private NETA coach as well as participating in our weekly clinics.